Friday, August 31, 2007

Nathan Wendt - What Women Want

Nathan Wendt - What Women Want, originally uploaded by Andy Wendt.

Nathan Wendt 2002 - What Women Want DVD Sticker On His Head

Nathan Wendt First Day Of Kindergarten

Nathan waves as the Madison school bus at it pulls up on his first day of kindergarten. Nathans we very excited about going to school and was so looking forward to riding the bus that he started to tear up when we told him that we may have to drive him as the bus was running quite late

Monday, August 27, 2007

Elk Creek - The Kids - 2006

Elk Creek - The Kids - 2006, originally uploaded by Andy Wendt.

Elk Creek was their favorite place to play last summer. This summer we made it out once or twice early in the season but with the drought and the heat this year was not as nice. Next year who knows.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Bonaparte is Born

Having been a history buff my whole life, a trait I attribute to my cousin James Hanges, I was of course counting the years until my son Nathan would be old enough to take an interest. That interest sparked in Nathan at the age of 5 when for the first time I showed him my collection of hand painted 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures. Since then it is a weekly request to “have a battle”. More pics of soldiers are sure to follow : )

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Destin Florida 2007 - Man Catching Bait Fish

Our trip to Florida was a quick one this year. We only had two nights in Destin before it was time for a 6 hour drive to Louisiana to meet some family. From there it was up to Tennessee to have breakfast with my father the next day. Then back to Ohio later that day and back to work the next. P.S. The man with the net is no one I know.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Nathan-Spring-2002-With-Dad, originally uploaded by Andy Wendt.

One more Picture to round out the spring of 2002. Nathan still 6 months old is out back at my parent’s house and is being held by his Grandfather (my dad).

Thought it may not be visible in this shout I don't think the grass has been that green since that Spring. As my Dad soon after moved to Kentucky and I quickly learned that no one can take care of a yard like a proud Grandfather.

Nathan Wendt 6 Months Easter 2002 - Andy

Still Easter of 2002 but now some one else finally has the camera and Nate and I are in the picture together.

I bet I will say this more than anyone cares to read but I sure wish they could stay this size forever.

Nathan Wendt 6 Months Easter 2002 - Betsy

Welcome to the first post in my new Blog. The goal of this Blog is quite simple and should be obvious by reading its title. It’s simply dedicated to the things I see in my life.

In October 2001 we were blessed with a son Nathan Andrew Wendt. Like many new parents shortly after having Nathan we purchased a digital camera. For the next 5 years I took literally thousands of pictures a year. Of Nathan, of places we visited, and of the other important people in my life.

Though slightly out of order this first picture is of Nathan at the age of 6 months. He is dressed for Church on Easter Sunday 2001 and is being held by my sister Betsy Reeve.

As they grow up so fast every such occasion is a great excuse to dress them up and take lots of pictures, which is exactly what we did.

Welcome !

This will be a picture blog. Pics to follow!