Friday, August 10, 2007

Nathan Wendt 6 Months Easter 2002 - Betsy

Welcome to the first post in my new Blog. The goal of this Blog is quite simple and should be obvious by reading its title. It’s simply dedicated to the things I see in my life.

In October 2001 we were blessed with a son Nathan Andrew Wendt. Like many new parents shortly after having Nathan we purchased a digital camera. For the next 5 years I took literally thousands of pictures a year. Of Nathan, of places we visited, and of the other important people in my life.

Though slightly out of order this first picture is of Nathan at the age of 6 months. He is dressed for Church on Easter Sunday 2001 and is being held by my sister Betsy Reeve.

As they grow up so fast every such occasion is a great excuse to dress them up and take lots of pictures, which is exactly what we did.

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